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Acing Our Freshman Year at Microsoft Inspire

Do I #TBT or #FBF? How about I shoot for somewhere between both and throw up a late-night Thursday post? You night owls know what I’m talking about: this is the time of night when, despite my best efforts to wind down, I’m thinking about the things left undone on my to-do list from today. 

Tonight, top-of-mind is Microsoft Inspire which continues to contribute to that immense to-do list I’m talking about – and that’s a great thing! 2019 was Sharp’s inaugural Microsoft Inspire conference; our “freshman year” as I like to call it! Have you experienced a first day at a new school where you didn’t know anyone, and first impression stresses gave you nervous, giddy excitement? That is truly what it felt like to be at Microsoft Inspire, but guess what? It felt great! How refreshing to meet an entirely new community that knows little to nothing about you? In fact, if you are curious about what our booth looked like, here’s a quick video taken during our time at Inspire as a Gold Sponsor.

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Joining the Microsoft partner ecosystem has been an exciting journey for Sharp, and we were so thankful to be welcomed to the conference by Gavriella Schuster on Day 1 (Check out Gavriella's Post here). We had the opportunity to talk about our partnership, which has been fueled by our collective efforts on the Windows collaboration display from Sharp launching this fall. The Windows collaboration display– or WCD (we can’t seem to avoid acronyms in this industry!) – is a large format 4K interactive display built for front-of-room video collaboration. It is optimized for the BYOD (bring your own device) environment where you can just walk into a meeting room, connect, and start collaborating without wasting 10 minutes trying to get the equipment or the dial-in to work correctly. This device allows users to turn Microsoft Teams calls from a personal device into room scale conference calls without fumbling over cables, drivers, or input buttons. The icing on the cake (or should I say limited-edition sprinkles on top of that) is the IoT sensor hub that records conference room telemetry. This product lets you learn more about your meeting spaces: temperature, air quality, average meeting room usage, and attendee count, to name a few. Check out our website for more info!

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Phew! Sharp has a lot going on and the Windows collaboration display from Sharp is leading the way. There is so much to talk about, which is why education and awareness are Sharp’s key focus right now. Microsoft Inspire was an invaluable event that connected us to a great deal of Microsoft partners. More than anything, it was a wonderful platform to drive conversations about how we can do more together. I continue to follow up with people I met last month while preparing for our next show with Microsoft: Ignite in Orlando this November. We expect to walk in feeling a little more like a sophomore with some experience under our belt.  We still have so much more to accomplish and many more people to meet!