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There are days when we are reminded of what a great industry we all work for...

There are days where we are reminded of what a great industry we all work for, and more importantly, the extraordinary people that we get to meet. Recently, the President and CEO of Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America Mike Marusic and our Sharp team experienced one of these days when we were invited to Stones Office Equipment in Richmond, VA, as we were both sponsors of the annual “Jillian Ride.”

This ride was taken on by MWA Intelligence President and CEO, Mike Stramaglio and the “Patriot Pack” to raise money for The Jillian Fund and honor our U.S. military veterans. The riders are from various companies in the industry and they come together for two great causes. The ride itself is part of “Rolling Thunder” in which bikers meet up in Washington D.C. to honor our veterans. The Patriot Pack combined it with a fundraising effort for The Jillian Fund.

For those of you who are not aware of the Jillian Fund, it was created in honor of Jillian Gorman who tragically lost her life to cancer at a young age. The fund was formed to help other families dealing with a childhood illness to pay bills and help them through a very difficult time. Jillian’s father, George, is part of the Ricoh sales team, but this unifying message of support has crossed all competitors in the industry for this important cause.

The ride itself started in Phoenix Arizona, and in a little over a week, they made it all the way to DC. Each day, riders stop at MFP dealer locations for visits. Sam Stone, President of Stone's Office Equipment hosted one of the last stops of the ride and his excitement and effort to make this event memorable captured all of us. Sam, Larry Coco and fund founder George Gorman reminded us all in their own way that whatever happens in your life the most important thing is to appreciate what you have every day. 

There were eleven riders that attended the event. We heard about many of the people they met along their journey. They described the unselfish acts that they encountered and we reminded them of the same unselfish acts we read about in MWA Intelligence daily updates. The day ended with a tribute to all who fight cancer every day and to our veterans who serve and protect us all.

In today’s fast-paced world of distractions we were all able to shut down, put work aside work and truly enjoy the people, the stories and the purpose. I am proud to be associated with such a great group of people.

One of the laws of the universe states that “what you give you get in return.” Thank you to all involved showing us all how to “give.”

“Slaw”                 Andy Slawetsky
“Paco”                 Mike Stramaglio
“Papa”                John Brostrom
“Gordito”             Gavin Williams
“Lone Star”         Mike Christenson
“GQ”                   David Clearman
“Bert”                  Mark Albert
“Fish”                  Simon Vermooten
“Doc”                  Doug Johnson
“JBro”                 Jeremy Brostrom
“Kory”                Thompson

And if you want to donate to the Jillian Fund yourself, please go to their website