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  • The Sharp Internship Program
    Today we celebrate our hard-working interns who have been instrumental in the growth of our culture. We are happy to foster your creativity, dedication and innovation!
  • Sharp's 8K Ecosystem
  • How to Eat Popcorn for Breakfast (Add Granola!) - FOOD52
    Learn how to turn popcorn into a breakfast treat using a little granola and Sharp's Orville Redenbacher's certified Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Ovens.
  • 4 Tips for a Better Weeknight: (Leftover) Tacos - SHARP
    SHARP +and FOOD52 present Taco Night. Get tips on how to quickly make a feast for the family using the Sharp Black Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer.
  • Tender Meatballs in the SHARP SuperSteam+ Oven - FOOD52
    SHARP & FOOD52 make tender meatballs with the SHARP SuperSteam+, a super heated steam and convection built-in oven.
  • Vertical Motion Opens Sharp SMD2480CS Microwave Drawer
    The Sharp SMD2480CS Microwave Drawer Oven opens with vertical motion, like an up-and-down hand wave. The SMD2480CS Microwave Drawer will not, however, open for common foot-traffic.
  • Meet the Sharp Black Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer
    The SHARP Black Stainless Microwave Drawer is an absolute show-stopper, allowing you to showcase your design savvy and create a kitchen that matches your lifestyle.
  • Sharp MFP Shorts: Image Quality
    Don’t know about PANTONE® Color Matching? Your business just got more visible with Sharp MFPs!
  • Sharp MFP Shorts: Walk-Up Sensor
    Sleeps like a baby and saves energy? Try a Sharp MFP. Your business just got smarter and more energy efficient!
  • Sharp MFP Shorts: OpGuide
    Instruction manual? How about answers from an LCD on your MFP? Your business just got easier!
  • Sharp MFP Shorts: Tandemprint and Copy
    Learn how to delegate! Here’s how a Sharp MFP can help. Your business just got more powerful!
  • Peters Township School District [Success Story]
    Peters Township School District is committed to transforming the classroom for the modern learner. Learn how the district is changing the game for its students and faculty by using Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays to help strengthen student engagement and learning.
  • St. Joseph School [Success Story]
    John Knierim, director of IT from St. Joseph School in Seattle talks about how the school's Sharp multifunction printers "Just work," benefiting the teachers, staff and ultimately the 595 students who attend the school.
  • Sharp Black Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer Oven
  • SHARP & FOOD52 Make Tender Meatballs with the SHARP SuperSteam+
  • It's Taco Night with Sharp + FOOD52
  • Watch How to Turn a Bag of Popcorn into a Batch of Granola (& Breakfast) with SHARP + FOOD52
  • Transform your presentations!
  • Unlimited Creativity on the AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System
  • BYOD Takes on a Whole New Meaning with the Wireless AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System
  • Riverbanks Zoo and Garden [Success Story]
  • Francis Parker School Enhances Student Learning [Success Story]
  • Sharp's integration with Blackboard Learn enabling assignment submissions
  • Improving Your Home Air Quality with Sharp Air Purifiers
  • DESIGN NEWS | Sharp's Sleek Microwave Drawer