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Executive Bios

Tetsuji (Ted) Kawamura

Tetsuji (Ted) Kawamura is CEO Americas and Chairman of Sharp Electronics Corporation in the U.S. Ted is a 30+ year veteran of Sharp Corporation, serving in leadership positions in Japan, Europe and the US.

With the new investments in the US, the SEC Chairman role will be increasingly focused on the long term business of the Americas markets.  These new business opportunities will bring together Foxconn, Sharp Corp. and SEC activities to drive new growth for Sharp in the Americas.  Ted oversees operations in the US, Canada, South America and Mexico as SEC transitions to a new organizational structure.

Prior to joining SEC, Ted was CEO and President of Sharp Europe where he led both the divesture and re-acquisition of the Sharp Consumer TV business there.  His broad role in working in Japan and the US as well as in both Consumer and Business to Business operations makes him uniquely suited for the role to bring together the various stakeholders of Foxconn, Sharp and The Americas.