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Sharp Unveils Cutting-Edge Technologies at CES 2024

SHARPen Your Senses and Experience a Vision for a Better Future

MONTVALE, N.J., Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Sharp, a global leader in innovative technology solutions, is bringing the future to the five senses at CES 2024, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 9 to 12, 2024.   Experience products and components that will extend your sight, please your taste buds, detect the slightest differences in scents, replace traditionally loud household products with quiet alternatives, and even feel your heartbeat with miniature wearable devices to read your vital signs.

"As Sharp celebrates its 111th anniversary, Sharp is proud to lead the way in innovation and game-changing technologies," said Jeff Ashida, Chairman, President & CEO of Sharp Electronics Corporation. "We are excited to share Sharp's cutting-edge solutions that will define the next chapter of Sharp's legacy at CES 2024."

Under the theme "Toward the Future for a Better Life," Sharp will showcase a diverse range of groundbreaking technologies, initially introduced at Sharp Tech-Day in Tokyo in November 2023.


Sharp's booth will feature a captivating Smart Living exhibit, where cutting-edge technologies converge to enhance daily life. Central to this display will be the revolutionary CE-LLM (Communication Edge-LLM) edge AI technology, powering a virtual tour guide capable of engaging visitors with naturally paced and lively interactive conversations.

The exhibit will highlight a High-Speed Oven with proprietary Quad Heating Technologies. Combining the industry's first gold carbon heater for charcoal grill flavor, convection circulation, inverter control microwave, and intelligent cooking control, this High-Speed Oven helps reduce cooking time to as little as 1/3 of that of a conventional home oven.

Sharp is also showcasing powerful hair dryers and upright vacuum cleaners designed to operate at or near 50db, approximately as quiet as a household refrigerator. Moreover, non-contact vital signs sensors and the world's smallest vital signs sensors for wearable devices will be shown.


Sharp will present technologies designed to boost speed and efficiency across various sectors in the Smart Industry section. The exhibit will include camera technology featuring polymer lenses and support for XR technology, XR glasses, and AI-powered visual representations of business conversations and ideas.

With technology inspired by the method living organisms use to sense odors, the AI Olfactory Sensor is designed with a target detection limit of 0.1 ppb (parts per billion).  The exhibit will show how the AI Olfactory sensor detects the subtle differences between wine varieties. An IMS (ion mobility spectrometry) gas analysis device using atmospheric electron release technology will also be displayed.

Sharp will introduce a safe driving support system with a miniature camera and LCD. Finely tuned to identify situations where the driver cannot maintain a consistent line of sight, the driver monitor camera can help detect drowsiness, unresponsiveness, and distracted driving.


Sharp's commitment to sustainability will be evident in the technologies to be showcased in the Sustainability exhibit. The display will include Reflective LCD signage for outdoor use and ePoster color electronic paper displays with low power consumption. An indoor photovoltaic device LC-LH, utilizing indoor light for more efficient power generation will be demonstrated with a battery-free TV Remote Control featuring the LC-LH device.

Sharp's Space Solar Sheet, a thin, lightweight, and flexible next-generation solar cell module, will be unveiled, underlining the company's dedication to addressing environmental challenges through improved power efficiency.

Sharp  invites attendees, media, and industry professionals to experience the future of technology at CES 2024. Visit Sharp's booth #17229, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center to witness firsthand the innovative solutions poised to shape a better and more connected world.

Official CES 2024 website:

Booth Exhibits Details (Subject to Change)


AI Avatar

Experience a virtual concierge and tour guide equipped with CE-LLM edge AI technology. Engage our AI Avatar to learn about all Sharp's exhibition with smooth, naturally paced, lively conversations.

High-Speed Oven

Revolutionize cooking with our built-in High-Speed Oven. Utilizing proprietary Quad Heating Technology and the industry-first Gold Carbon Heater for a charcoal-grilled flavor, it may reduce cooking time to as little as one-third of a conventional home oven.

Low Noise & High-Power Hair Dryer

Discover innovation in hair care with a high air-flow volume hair dryer. Two motors reduce noise, and its hands-free design provides a unique user experience.

Low Noise & Powerful Stick Cleaner

Explore our upright vacuum cleaner with powerful suction and reduced noise, thanks to a proprietary noise-reducing design.

Non-contact Vital Sensor

Experience precision in health monitoring with our optical filter using semiconductor film-forming technology to sense pulse waves without contact.

Vital Sensors for Wearable Devices

Introducing the world's smallest pulse wave sensor for wearable devices, such as earphones, rings, and eyeglasses.

AQUOS XLED Television for the Global Market

Immerse yourself in a new-generation TV experience. Our AQUOS XLED television combines mini-LED backlight, quantum-dot rich-color display technology, and immersive sound for a realistic viewing sensation.


Life/Work Update Experience with XR Glass

Visualize conversations and ideas using XR technology and AI. This innovative combination of AI-powered natural-speed conversation and integration with real-time information services, personal calendars, schedules, and contacts will transform how we interact with our digital life at home and work.

Polymer Lens Camera and Ultra Compact Camera

Step into the world of AI with our polymer lens camera and ultra-compact camera. High-speed focus adjustment and gaze tracking redefine how we interact with AI.

AI Olfactory Sensor

Experience scent recognition like never before. Our sensor, inspired by living organisms, allows AI to process and evaluate complex smells.

IMS Gas Analyzer

Explore our gas analyzer with a proprietary atmospheric electron emission element, enabling stable electron emission even at normal atmospheric pressure.

Gas Decomposition Module Applying Original Photocatalyst Material

Help improve indoor air quality with our gas decomposition module. Equipped with a filter containing a proprietary photocatalyst material, it has potential applications in offices, and vehicles.

Driver Monitoring Camera

Enhance road safety with our camera module integrated into the dashboard LCD. It helps detect the driver's line of sight, head position, orientation, and help identify signs of drowsiness.


Low Power Consumption Reflective LCD Signage for Outdoor

Embrace sustainability with our low-power consumption outdoor display. Combining a proprietary reflective structure and low-frequency IGZO drive, it delivers a full-color video display with high visibility.

Ultra Low Power Indoor Display, ePoster

Witness the future of displays with our ePoster. Using E Ink's latest e-paper platform and IGZO technology, it maintains high visibility with extremely low ("0W" class) power consumption.

Indoor Photovoltaic Device, LC-LH

Contribute to a greener future with our indoor photovoltaic device. By combining dye-sensitized solar cells and Sharp's LCD technology, it achieves double the power generating efficiency of common indoor-light solar-powered devices.

TV Remote Control with LC-LH Device

Experience innovation in TV control with our remote equipped with an LC-LH indoor photovoltaic device. It boasts excellent power generation efficiency in indoor light, eliminating the need for batteries.

Space Solar Sheet

Explore next-generation solar cells for use in outer space. Thin, lightweight, and flexible, the solar sheet offers unprecedented possibilities for moving vehicles and mobile equipment.


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